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Hawthorne Hawks are Soaring to New Heights!

  • Class Lists to be Posted August 22 in the Office

    Class lists will be posted on August 22 in the office windows. The lists will be left up all weekend and the following week. Lists will also be posted on portable billboards and placed outside the main entrance to the school for the first week of classes. If you do not see your child's name on any class list, come into the office and ask for assistance.

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  • Kindergarten and New Student Registration

    Registration for incoming kindergartners and students new to Hawthorne for grades 1 - 6 will be open again beginning August 13 from 9:00 - 11:00 AM and 1:00 - 3:00 PM. For information on documents required for registration, click on the headline above. For information on transfers, contact the Pupil Services Department at 951-352-1200.

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  • Hawthorne Elementary Among RUSD Schools Receiving Technology Grant Funding

    During the May 5 RUSD Board of Trustees meeting, Hawthorne Elementary was recognized as one of the recipients of grant funding to pilot a plan for bringing personalized learning to Hawthorne students. Personalized learning is an approach to teaching and learning that moves beyond individualized learning, which focuses only on instructional needs, to personalized learning based on students' interests, goals, and styles of learning. Personalized learning includes flexible schedules and pace, options for accessing lessons from home, and social connections to partner with others to enhance learning. We are excited to move forward, learn about resources to enhance our students' experiences, and discover ways to improve connections with parents and the wider community.

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  • July Update for "Almost Ready to Fly"

    July Update: Two of our three hawk chicks have now been released back into the wild. The littlest chick will soon join his siblings in the skies over Riverside. From June: Hawk chicks grow "exponentially" during their first few weeks of life, according to an online article in the New York Times (click on the headline to connect to the article). Their weight doubles during their first week after hatching. During the second week, they quadruple their weight. During the third week, their weight increases eight-fold. Our quickly growing hawk chicks are now almost completely covered with feathers. They still need more time to grow full sets of wing and tail feathers, learn to fly, and learn to hunt before they can be successfully released back into the wild. The photograph shows two of our three red-shouldered hawks. All are healthy and continue to thrive.

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  • Hawk Babies Growing, Getting Feathers

    Our three real "Hawthorne hawks" are eating and growing. They have begun to grow real feathers to replace the fluffy down they were covered with when their nest fell. We will be gathering some items to donate to help the wildlife rescue group. They can use rolls of toilet paper, paper towels, kleenex in boxes, and baby food beef (the pureed kind). Your teacher will have a list of items you may bring if you would like to help them care for the birds and mammals they rescue.

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  • Older Hawk Joins Our Babies

    A hawk that is a little older than ours was also rescued about the same time ours were found. He has joined the group. He is the bigger hawk on the left. Our littlest one still makes sure he is first at the food bowl!

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  • Hawk Nest Falls from Principal's Tree During Santa Ana Winds, Babies Saved

    On April 29 during strong Santa Ana winds, a hawk's nest was blown from its spot high in a palm tree in my backyard. It fell about 100 feet, probably passing through the leaves and branches of a smaller tree, down to a grassy area. The three baby hawks that fell with the nest were very lucky. They were unhurt and healthy. A wildlife rescue organization was contacted and the baby hawks are now being cared for by people who know how to give them what they need. I see a pair of adult hawks almost daily in the trees around my house, and had always thought they were red-tailed hawks. I learned that the babies are red-shouldered hawks, so if the adult birds I see are their parents, then they, too, are red-shouldered hawks. The babies have a good chance for survival and eventual release back into the wild. So, here is my challenge to you, my wonderful students. What can you learn about red-shouldered hawks? How are they different from red-tailed hawks? What makes up their habitat? What are their needs in captivity? I will keep you updated on their progress and together we will keep good thoughts in our hearts, hoping that they will thrive.

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  • Hawthorne Student is Top First-Grader in RUSD in First in Math

    Hawthorne student Jason Anderson is currently the top first-grade player in the Riverside Unified School District in the online First in Math program. Jason, shown here with his teacher, Mrs. Hillery Rubens, has earned 8,670 stickers by completing a wide range of mathematical activities. Students practice math facts and play games that help them develop understanding of mathematical concepts. Also top in RUSD for their grade levels are fourth-grader Raymond Cervantes and fifth-grader Daniela Cruz. Ms. Wilbur's second-grade class is currently the top second-grade team in RUSD. All students, grades K - 6, have the opportunity to work on First in Math on a daily basis. Students may also login from home. Click on the First in Math link posted on the right-hand column on this page to play from home.

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  • Students Learn to Access the Library Online

    Hawthorne upper-grade students are learning to use the online library system, Destiny, to look for reading material by level, by topic, and by availability. Library media assistant Mrs. Lisa Glasheen has been teaching students to use the online management system. Students may check out books online, reserve books that are checked out, and ask for an email notification when a book they have reserved becomes available.

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  • Thank You, Mrs. Marie Fritts and Fritts Ford!

    Just before Winter Break, every Hawthorne Elementary School and Preschool student received a holiday gift from Mrs. Marie Fritts and the folks at Fritts Ford in Riverside. Santa and Mrs. Claus joined Mrs. Fritts and members of the Fritts Ford staff to deliver the gifts and wish every child a happy holiday. This generous donation has been given in person, quietly, and from the heart for years. So, from the Hawthorne family to the Fritts Ford family, we wish to say, "Thank you for making the holidays brighter for 750 children!"

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