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  • Hawthorne Elementary School

    2700 Irving St
    Riverside, CA 92504
    Photo of School
    Ellen Parker, Principal
    Clarissa Brown, Assistant Principal
    Office Hours:
    7:30 am - 4:00 pm
    Instructional Day for Grades TK-6:
    Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 
    8:35 am -2:55 pm
    Wednesday (Early Release Day for TK-6)
    8:35 am -1:40 pm
    Pre-School Hours:
    8:00 am -11:00 am -First Session
    11:45  am -2:45 pm -Second Session
    Every day M-F until 6:00 pm.

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    Parking Map - Spanish

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Hawthorne Hawks are Soaring to New Heights!

  • Safety, Courtesy, and Parking

    At Hawthorne Elementary School, we are committed to keeping everyone safe and to being respectful and courteous neighbors to those who live around our school. Be safe and patient when walking and driving -- your children are learning from you! Cross streets only at crosswalks or at street corners. Use the blue crosswalk in the parking lot to walk to and from your car. Do not walk in front of cars that are in line in the loading zone (white curb),or in the second lane next to the loading zone. When in line to drop off or pick up students, a driver MUST remain with the car. Park only in defined parking spaces. For a Parking Map in English or Spanish, click on the links on the left side of this page. We work closely with the City of Riverside Traffic Division to provide additional parking -- called Special Event Parking -- during periods of high-demand, such as the first week of school, and for special occasions, such as Back-to-School Night. Click here to see a Special Event Parking Map in English or Spanish. Remember that it is never permissible to park in front of a fire hydrant or next to a red curb (emergency lane).

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  • Kindergarten Celebration is June 7

    A Kindergarten Program will be held on Tuesday, June 7, from 2:00 - 2:45 P.M. in the Multi-Purpose Room. Students will perform to celebrate the successful completion of their kindergarten year. Transitional kindergartners will join them to sing a song at the beginning of the program. Our TKs are ready to be full-fledged kindergartners next year! Students will return to their classes to be dismissed at 2:55 PM following the event. Special Event Parking will be in place.

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  • Sixth-Grade Promotion is June 8

    The Sixth-Grade Promotion Ceremony will be held on Wednesday, June 8, from 9:00 - 10:30 AM in the Multi-Purpose Room. The ceremony will include recognition of students who earned special recognition in a variety of areas, including Honor Roll. Students will return to class following the promotion unless signed out by their parents. Early sign-out does count against perfect attendance. Tables for sign-out will be set up in the quad just inside the main gates. Special Event Parking will be in effect for each of these events. Please click on the Special Event Parking headline above for maps in English and Spanish.

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  • Student of the Month and Special Awards May 27 and June 9

    Student of the Month Awards and special celebrations will mark the end of the 2015-2016 school year, beginning on Friday, May 27, with our final Student of the Month Awards for students in all grades. Some special awards will be included in the May 27 programs. On June 9, which is the last day of school, students in grades 3 - 5 will be recognized for their accomplishments in a variety of areas. including academics, physical fitness, visual and performing arts. Honor Roll certificates and additional special awards will be presented. Remember that May 27 and June 9 are both minimum days, and students will be dismissed at 12:05. Times for the assemblies are posted on the school calendar. Special Event Parking will be in effect for May 27 and June 9.

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  • Reading and Learning Activities Website for Parents

    ReadAcrossRiverside.com is a website for parents of children from preschool through second grade. The website has ideas for helping children become successful readers, speakers, listeners, and writers. It features ideas for reading together, and links to websites for independent practice and games to play. A calendar of local events provides families with information on free museum nights, storytelling times, and free tutoring. This website was created by Hawthorne second-grade teacher, Mrs. Masi, for her graduate project. She is excited to share!

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  • Students Learn to Access the Library Online

    Hawthorne upper-grade students are learning to use the online library system, Destiny, to look for reading material by level, by topic, and by availability. Library media assistant Ms. Lisa Glasheen has been teaching students to use the online management system. Students may check out books online, reserve books that are checked out, and ask for an email notification when a book they have reserved becomes available.

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  • Hawthorne Elementary Among RUSD Schools Receiving Technology Grant Funding

    During the May 5 RUSD Board of Trustees meeting, Hawthorne Elementary was recognized as one of the recipients of grant funding to pilot a plan for bringing personalized learning to Hawthorne students. Personalized learning is an approach to teaching and learning that moves beyond individualized learning, which focuses only on instructional needs, to personalized learning based on students' interests, goals, and styles of learning. Personalized learning includes flexible schedules and pace, options for accessing lessons from home, and social connections to partner with others to enhance learning. We are excited to move forward, learn about resources to enhance our students' experiences, and discover ways to improve connections with parents and the wider community.

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  • Hawthorne Joins the 800 Club!

    Hawthorne student achievement has improved for the past two years on the California Academic Performance Index (API). The API is based on California Standards Test scores in English language arts and mathematics. Scores range from 200 - 1,000 and the statewide goal for all schools is 800. For the first time, Hawthorne has met this target with an API score of 808!

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  • Hawthorne students create living piece of art

    The field at Hawthorne Elementary School transformed into a living piece of art on Feb. 28 as each of the school’s 675-plus students became part of a human mosaic hawk for a school-wide art project. Artist Daniel Dancer with Art for the Sky guided students to design the living piece of artwork on the Hawthorne field, then climbed aboard a Riverside Police Department helicopter and photographed the “hawk.” Students, teachers and parents acted as living strokes of an artists’ brush staying as still as they could. Only a few twitches or adjusting of T-shirts here and there hinted to the fact that this art was alive. The next day, Mr. Dancer shared the culmination of the project with the school and community. Each student received a copy of the finished piece of art. The hawk art project was made possible through a Riverside Educational Enrichment (REEF) grant written by teacher Mariana Robles. It provided a way for the entire Hawthorne student body to become part of a piece of art as well as to work together toward a common goal. Robles wrote the grant for the project after learning about Mr. Dancer’s work at other schools across the country and beyond. Activities integrating a variety of educational standards started before the big moment Thursday morning. All students learned the song “Wings to Fly” prior to the event. Upper grade students were charged with using geometry concepts to scale the large picture for the field. Other students then worked with Dancer to sketch the outline in bark and sand on the field. The project also became a focal point for other lessons, such as environmental awareness. “We are hoping that we’re building a sense of community, ”Robles said. “This is part of coming together…showing ourselves that we can do something special,” The living picture project is just one part of a new focus at Hawthorne, which has embraced the teacher-initiated program, ARTECH, integrating art and technology into teaching and learning across the curriculum.

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  • Hawthorne teacher chosen for national Master Teacher Project

    Hawthorne Elementary School first grade teacher Mariana Robles has been chosen as one of 96 NEA (National Education Association) Master Teachers. Click on the headline above to read more!

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