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Miller Pillars



September, Compassionate:

Students show empathy by understanding the feelings of others. They are considerate, fair and kind.

October, Communicators:

Students understand others and are able to express their thoughts and feelings in a confident, articulate manner verbally and in writing. They work effectively and willingly with others.

November/December, Creative:

Students are expressive and willing to share what they feel. They experiment, think “out of the box” to solve problems, and accept challenges.

January, Curious:

Students are inquisitive. They ask questions, seek answers and look beyond basic facts to broaden their knowledge. Curious students enthusiastically use their intellect, common sense, and adventurous spirit.

February, Problem Solvers:

Students evaluate and synthesize information. They are not fearful of making mistakes or being wrong. Problem-solvers view failures as opportunities to learn and grow.

March, Courageous:

Students stand up for what is right even if no one else joins them. They overcome their fears and believe in justice.

April, Perseverance:

Students are not discouraged by obstacles. They find innovative ways to overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

May/June, Collaborative:

Students value input from others and make useful contributions to the group. They are open-minded and look at all view points.