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Spanish at University Heights

Learning another language or mastering your native language is a wonderful experience. In addition, learning Spanish cannot only open many doors in the near future but allows students to fulfill at least a year of the A-G High School Requirements. University Heights Middle School (UHMS) offers Spanish classes as an elective and focuses on language and culture. Each year, Uni pays close attention to our population and the academic advances made and modify the Spanish courses offered each year. This year, Uni has four available courses:

  • AP Spanish is a college level course that grants national standard of excellence and it is geared towards 8thgrade students. Encouragement for academically talented and motivated students and specifically for those who have taken the introductory class, Pre-AP Spanish.
  • Pre-AP Spanish is an introductory course for 7thgraders that helps to prepare students for the AP Spanish class. In addition, this class allows students to review/learn the conventions of the four domains: writing, reading, listening, and speaking.
  • Spanish 1 is a course designed for both native and non-native speakers in 8thgrade to learn the basics of the Spanish language. This class if followed by other courses to advance to intermediate and advanced Spanish classes.
  • Intro-Spanish 1 is an introduction to Spanish 1. It is part of the Wheel, which allows 7thgrade students to take this class for one trimester and perhaps show interest to take Spanish 1 as an 8thgrade student.