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Our school mascot is the Jaguar.
Our school colors are yellow and blue.
Our school motto is: "We believe all children can and will learn."
Jefferson's Action Plan
 Jefferson Action Plan
Jefferson Elementary School was built in 1948. We currently serve a population of 1,000 students preschool through sixth grade. Jefferson Elementary School is one of the largest elementary schools in the Riverside Unified School District. Our school population is diverse and allows us to meet the needs of many wonderful students. Our primary goal is that all students will meet or exceed grade-level standards. We accomplish this by providing a rigorous standards-based educational program of academic excellence with effective learning strategies for all students, including at-risk, English Learners, gifted and talented, and those with special needs. Preparing students to become successful readers, writers, and mathematicians is our highest priority.
At Jefferson Elementary, our team of dedicated teachers give students the tools to succeed in school and in life.  With these skills in place, they develop the joy of learning and the delight of discovery. Jefferson is an amazing school that has many wonderful things to offer every child.

Visitors to any classroom will experience the positive energy of students actively engaged in meaningful learning experiences that combine reading, writing, investigating, and calculating. All students have access to and use of technology in their classrooms and the library to support their acquiring content standards. Classrooms are organized to facilitate individual or collaborative learning so that students learn to care and appreciate each other regardless of ethnicity, language background, performance level, or disability. We expect our students to focus on achieving their personal best academically and socially. We celebrate student accomplishments in the classrooms and at various school wide events.
Our school wide Title I status allows us to provide extra support and extended learning opportunities in English language arts and mathematics for all of our students. We have four pre-kindergarten classes and two Special Day Classes, staffed to meet the needs of students, including English learners.

Our HEARTS (Helping Elementary Achievers Reach The Stars) after-school program is offered to students from school dismissal time until 6:00 p.m. HEARTS provides extended learning opportunities by certificated teachers, assisted by tutors who are local college students. Students receive a safety net of support in this program and receive instruction in English language arts, math, and English language development. Certified staff help with homework and offer tutoring during the academic hour of this program; after that time, students enjoy recreational and enriching activities taught by our community partner, the YMCA.

Programs offered at Jefferson Elementary:
Free After School Program-HEARTS
Title 1 Program for at-risk students in language arts
Accelerated Reader-computer program to support reading
First in Math - computer program to support mathematics
Active Parent Teacher Association