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Algebra 1

Textbook: Holt Algebra 1
Course Description: We will explore connections between math and other subject areas such as science, language arts, history, and even physical education! Algebra is a one-year course which will follow the State of California Standards for Algebra and help students prepare for the California High School Exit Exam. Algebra 1 is a high school graduation requirement. The topics addressed in this course will include functions, graphing, equation & inequality solving, problem solving, linear and quadratic equations, monomials, and polynomials.

Behavior Expectations

Students are expected to follow ALL school-wide rules listed in the Student Planner (on page 14) and behave in a responsible manner. As an IB World Candidate School, we encourage all students to embrace the IB learner profile. IB learners are balanced, open minded, principled, caring, risk-takers, communicators, thinkers, reflective, knowledgeable, and inquirers.

Parent Communication: As a partner in your child’s learning, you can stay abreast of his/her progress by calling the school, checking your child’s grade on Aeries, emailing, writing notes to the teacher in your student’s planner, or through teacher generated grade progress reports.

Progress Reports: Teachers will send home progress reports every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month. Please look over the progress report and sign it for your student to return to the teacher.

Back to School Night: All students and their families are invited to attend Back to School Night, Thursday, September 22nd at 6:30 P.M. at University Heights Middle School. Please plan on attending this very important meeting to learn about the expectations that I have for your student!

Attendance Policy: Students are expected to be in class. If you are absent one day you have one day to make up the work. If you are absent two days, you have two days to make up the work, etc. Students are considered tardy if they are not in their seat when the bell rings! In addition, students will not be permitted to leave class the first and last 10 minutes of instruction time (NO FLY ZONE) – unless the incident is of a serious nature or the student has been summoned by the office.
Course Requirements:

Notebook:Three-ring binder with a section for math organized so that materials can be easily found.Organized by sections: 1. Warm-Ups 2. Homework

2. Classwork:You will be assigned work every day with little exception.All paper assignments will be turned in with the proper format and in pencil.Students will NOT receive credit for homework if they do not show their work.All missed work must be made up. (If you do not make up missing assignments you will be assigned mandatory after school detention for tutoring or possibly Thursday School.)

3. Tests:Tests will be given at the end of each chapter.Quizzes will be given in each chapter based on teacher discretion.
Grading Procedure: