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English Language Arts

Welcome to English Language Arts 7th and 8th grade. These two years will be an integral part of the student’s education and language arts is at the forefront of your student’s educational path. Our goal is to arm students with the knowledge, analytical and critical thinking skills that will be deemed necessary for a successful transition into high school and beyond.
7th Grade Curriculum:
Our standards are grouped into 6 different clusters: word analysis, reading comprehension, literary response and analysis, writing conventions, writing strategies, and writing applications. Here are some ways in which these standards are applied:
  • We focus on structure of text: fiction (plot structure, chronological order), non-fiction (informational, such as newspapers, essays, and advertisements).
  • We work on clarifying word meanings through restatement, example, definition, or contrast
  • We study the use of figurative language in both fiction and informational texts.
  • We will understand characterization and how it helps shape the story
  • Look at major themes across literature and how they connect to humans in all societies
  • Study word etymology: study Greek and Latin roots and how affixes change meaning or spelling
  • Identify three main points of view, trace an author’s argument, and explain subjective and objective perspectives.
  • Identify sentence structures and types and apply them to our writing to create sentence variety.
  • Look at author’s evidence and scrutinize such evidence for stereotyping and bias.
  • Understand technical directions
  • Study and use language conventions to convey meaning (punctuation, capitalization, grammar, spelling, and sentence structure).
  • Identify parts of speech
  • Writing: write a narrative, a response to literature essay, a summary, and a persuasive essay.
    8th Grade Curriculum:
    8th grade standards are built upon 7th grade standards. Whereas many 7th grade standards are an introduction to that particular standard, 8th grade brings depth and complexity into the curriculum along with a much higher level of analytical thinking.
    • Students will write effectively for a variety of purposes. 
    • Students will read effectively for a variety of purposes, including literature and informational text.
    • We will describe and connect essential ideas, arguments, and perspectives of the text by using their knowledge of text structure, organization, and purpose.
    • We will study vocabulary in context and use word origins and relationships to determine meaning of grade-level appropriate words.
    • Students will strive to study and use language conventions to convey meaning (punctuation, capitalization, grammar, spelling, sentence structure.)
    • Students will read independently.

    University Heights Middle School offers 7th and 8th grade language arts, GATE language arts, hybrid language arts, and online GATE language arts. We also offer strategies classes for extra support.