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Riverside Unified has adopted Pearson-Scott Foresman enVision Math series.  Parents and students can access the student text and practice pages from any computer with internet access. Additionally, there are interactive games, songs and animated lessons to support your child's learning.

Go to http://pearsonrealize.com and log in:
Username: stu+student number
Password: first inital of first name + first inital of last name + student number

For example:

  • Username:  stu123456
  • Password:  ln123456
First in Math

Our school has chosen this outstanding educational website tohelp your child master fundamental and advanced mathematics skills.

First In Math® activities employ Deep Practice techniques to rapidly increase computation, problem solving, critical thinking and essential math basics.Skills that may take months of regular practice can be mastered in a much shorter time using Deep Practice techniques and the immediate feedback online learning can provide.

Although content is presented in a “game” format, the skills developed are key to success in higher mathematics. Content ranges from addition to complex algebra.  Children using FIM have shown dramatic increases in math scores—across the board— from the top students to the most math-challenged learners.

Your child has been given a First In Math® User ID and Password. If you choose to access the site at home, your child will need a computer with internet access and Flash Player software. (free download) We ask you to take an active role in supporting your child's education—encourage your child to play a few minutes each day to greatly increase their math skills, as well as their overall academic confidence and performance.

Together let's make a difference in the life of your child!
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