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The High School Diploma (HSD) program at RAS is currently accepting students. The following requirements must ALL be met for any student to be considered for enrollment into the HSD program. Please read the requirements carefully:

1) Students wishing to be considered for enrollment must obtain an copy of their transcripts that indicate ALL high school coursework completed and bring the transcript with you to registration (check the main page for any updates to registration times - typically we register students daily from 8am to 1pm). You will register and leave your transcripts and you will be called to come in for step 2. Unofficial transcripts can be used for the initial evaluation, but official transcripts must be obtained by you for final consideration.
2) If accepted for enrollment after the transcript evaluation, each student must complete the CASAS Assessment Reading test and score at least 236. Anyone scoring less than 236 must attend a reading comprehension review class which consists of online work. Twelve (12) hours of work must be completed, then the CASAS test will be administered again. 
3) Students are required to attend at least two hours per week to allow the teacher to monitor their progress and complete class exams. At least one credit of completed work per week is required to maintain enrollment in the program. The HSD program meets Monday through Thursday from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Your two hours per week must be completed during that timeframe. You may attend more than two hours for additional assistance with your coursework. The HSD teacher, Mr. Lerner, will contact each student once enrollment is completed to determine the attendance schedule.
If you are interested in the program, begin the process of obtaining your transcripts now.
High School Diploma Graduation Requirements:
English 40 credits 
Math 20 credits -10 of which must be first year Algebra or equivalent
Visual and Performing Arts OR Foreign Language OR Career Technical Education 10 credits
Science 20 credits -(Life Science 10; Physical Science 10)
Social Science 30 credits -(World History/Civilizations 10; US History and Geography 10; US Govt 5; Economics 5)
Electives 55 credits
175 total credits required