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Legoland & Sea Life Aquarium Field Trip - March 2015
Dr. Heartbeat and Squid Dissection
In the Dr. Heartbeat workshop students helped "surgeons" by using Lego Mindstorm robots. They programmed software and used sensors and motors to program robots that delivered medication, cut bad veins, and kept the heart beating of "patients." Students had to test their programming skills by placing the robots on the "body" table to check for accuracy. Directly after this workshop students received hands-on experience in the Squid Dissection workshop. In this workshop, students learned about the internal and external anatomy of squids, compared this knowledge to human anatomy and then dissected their own squids while identifying body parts. 
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Legoland Field Trip - March 2014 
Simple Machines II
Students built animated Dog-Bots using gears, pulleys, and motors. They then were able to apply what they learned on the Kid Power Tower ride by using life-size pulleys.
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