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The Goal of Lincoln’s Art program is to expose our students to a variety of art media, explore the creative process and develop parts of the brain that help with problem solving, working from conception to execution, while being introduced to the cultural and historical relevance of art.  Students learn about the principles of art and elements of design as applied to both two and three-dimensional projects and we address the California Art state standards to prepare our college bound students. Students will work in a variety of media including, but not limited to: color pencil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, paper sculpture/maché/relief, tape sculpture, mask making, scratchboard, mural design and found object sculpture. Through the process of creating their own artworks and learning about artists of the world, students will develop aesthetic awareness, as well as demonstrate knowledge of artistic skills.

To incorporate the literacy standards of common core, students participate in close reading activities where they “read” paintings. During this process, students observe and analyze an artwork (their own or another artist’s) then hypothesize an explanation for the artwork. Students provide evidence found in informational text, notes from prior lessons and information provided by the instructor.  They also use their prior knowledge and personal life experience to support their explanation. This process helps develop critical thinking skills that will support them throughout their education and life, while also creating a connection between school and the real world.

An Art Haiku page is currently in development for Lincoln, where students and parents will have access to current and past assignments, as well as access to instructional videos.