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HS: Social Problems II (E)

HS: Sports & Entertainment Marketing (E)

HS: Theater, Cinema, & Film Production (E)


Apart from the online electives Lincoln also offers the following electives:

ROP Health Careers: This course is designed to provide students with an introduction to health careers and will provide a career plan. Emphasis is placed on the skills necessary in order to enter the health care field and exploration of many different areas within health care. This course provides a solid foundation for all students in health sciences or health occupations.

ROP First Responder:  This class will teach students to provide immediate care to an ill or injured person and train them to assist emergency medical services (EMS) providers. Instructional content area skills include the history of health care, EMS overview, CPR and first aid skills, patient assessment, legal and ethical issues, and triage and emergency responsibilities.

ROP EKG: This course is designed to train students to set up and run a 12-lead EKG and attach a Holter monitor. Instruction is provided in the anatomy and physiology of the heart and terminology common to the cardiovascular system, Interpretation of EKGs includes heart rate, basic rhythm strips, and the identification of the rhythm abnormalities. Students are trained to recognize changes in EKGs, heart blocks, hypertrophy, infarction, and emergency situations that require immediate action. English, language arts and math are reinforced throughout the course.

ROP Medical Terminology: Students will be prepared for entry-level employment in the medical field as a clerical assistant to a physician. The student will learn basic and advanced medical terminology: Prefixes, suffixes, root words, combining forms, special endings, plural forms, abbreviations and symbols. Emphasis is placed on spelling, definition, usage and pronunciation.


Drawing and Painting ½: is a one-year introductory course in drawing and painting which will begin to develop students’ basic visual, aesthetic, and tactile perceptions. Students will be exposed to a wide variety of two-dimensional media, thereby expanding their artistic knowledge and skills. They will begin a study of the historical and cultural heritage of drawing and painting. Students will also start to develop the basic concepts for formulating aesthetic judgments. Semester 2 reviews, strengthens and builds upon the drawing and painting skills and aesthetic concepts introduced in the first semester. Students will learn of the individual nature and influences of various cultures and their creative efforts. Students’ understanding of and expressive skills in aesthetic judgment will also be expanded.


Advanced Drawing and Painting ¾: provides opportunities for students to broaden and intensify their interest and skills in art. They will be encouraged to develop their own unique ways of viewing, seeing, analyzing, and creating two-dimensional works of art while maintaining a clear understanding of the basic critique format. Students will consider career possibilities in the arts by reviewing career examples through guest speakers, career text assignments and poster materials. Students will study the impact of individual artists’ works and the collective movements of art throughout history, gaining understanding of the timeline of historical events as they pertain to art. Students will demonstrate an advance understanding of the elements and principles of art and will make application of their advanced skills through their art work. Students will incorporate the art history influences studied throughout the year into their art works and evaluate and critique the art work according to this integration. Throughout the course curriculum, students will be required to meet course objectives that are based upon California Content Standards for the Visual Arts and the State Visual and Performing Arts State Framework.


Studio Art: Drawing and Painting is a one-semester course for the highly motivated art student who wishes to continue more individualized technical and theoretical instruction in drawing and painting. The art of various cultures, cotemporary and historical artworks, and professional career opportunities will be studied.


Spanish 1: These courses are designed to present the language and culture of the French, German and Spanish-speaking people. The focus is communication and comprehension through listening, speaking, reading, and writing. These courses will develop in students an appreciation for and an understanding of other cultures, and will encourage them to continue exploration of foreign language.



Spanish 2: These courses review and build on first-year work, enabling students to expand their communicative proficiency and their cultural awareness.



Teacher Assistant: Students work under the direction of a teacher. Student tasks may include, but are not limited to, completing paperwork, preparing documents, assisting other students, research, and running errands particular to the needs of the classroom.



Independent reading: This course provides students with an opportunity to read six books from a variety of literary genres. For each book, students will focus on literary devices as they analyze the books and relate them to their own lives.