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Haiku is the virtual classroom where teachers can post announcements relating to their class, post assignments for students to complete and have discussion boards with students actively participating.  Students are able to download their digital textbooks from their Haiku class as well as turn in assignments through the Dropbox feature of Haiku.
Students login to Haiku using their legal first name + legal last name + last 3 digits of their student id/lunch number@rusdlearns.net
(ex: janesmith-romero456@rusdlearns.net, for a hyphenated last name) 
The first time students use Haiku their password will be Welcome1 and then they will be prompted to change their password. 
Along with Haiku you will have access to Google Drive as well as Google email (Gmail).
All three components are connected together using your Haiku password.
Once logged into Haiku, you can click on the Google Apps symbol on the top right of your screen to access your Google Drive without having to login again.
After you have accessed your Drive you can click on Mail at the top of the screen in the black bar to access your Gmail.
To start using Haiku, click on the links below.