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CHEMAWA MIDDLE SCHOOL - Tardy/Truancy Policy

                                     Students arriving after 8:00 a.m. should report directly to the attendance clerk.

Classroom tardies will be taken care of by the Teacher.  If the student is habitually tardy he/she will be sent to    the office with a referral.  Tardies are carried over to the new trimester


Unexcused tardies to school will have the followingconsequences:  (School auto dialer willcall parents concerning tardies and absences to school.)


1 Tardy                                   Warning

2 Tardies                               1 lunch detention or lunch litter duty

3 Tardies                               2 lunch detentions

4 Tardies                               Saturday School& phone call to parent/guardian

5  or more Tardies            (SART)/SaturdaySchool/STOPP, and/or ALC &
       phone call to parent/guardian


Astudent is considered truant from a class when he/she is physically out of theclass without permission or a pass. Any truancy will be referred to acounselor.  Period truancies will have the following consequences:


1    period truancy                             1 hour of Wednesday School& phone call to parent/guardian

2    periods of truancy                        2 hours of Wednesday School & phone callto parent/guardian

3-5 periods of truancy                        Saturday School & phone call to parent/guardian

All day truancy                                    SaturdaySchool, ALC or STOP placement & phone call 
                                                             to parent/guardian

Absence and Tardy Allowed

An absence or tardy due to any one ormore of the following causes, when verified in accordance with this article, isallowable as attendance in a regular full-time day school as defined in Section2 (1) maintained by a district and in a school or class maintained by a countysuperintendent of schools:

Belowis the California State Education Code regarding excused absences:  California State Education Code, C.C.R.,Title 5, Section 420

(a)                Illness.Up to 10 days without a doctor’s note.

(b)                Quarantinedirected by a county or city health officer.

(c)                Havingmedical, dental, or optometric services rendered.

(d)                Attendingfuneral services of a member of the pupil’s immediate family to the extent ofnot more than one day if   the service is conducted in Californiaand not more than three days if the service is conducted outside of California.  Members of an immediate family are, forpurposes of the subsection, those relationships set out in Education CodeSection 45194 except the references therein to “employee” shall be deemed to referencesto “pupil.”  (Reg. 77, No. 39)