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Abraham Lincoln High School Profile

Abraham Lincoln High School is in the Riverside Unified School District. The demographics of Lincoln based on 2014/15 CBED's enrollment figures are: 90.1%Hispanic, 3.9%White/not Hispanic, 5.6% African American, with other groups comprising .4% or less. The Academic English Learner (AEL) population at Lincoln is 28.75%. Approximately, 92.2% of the students at Lincoln are socio-economically disadvantage and qualify to participate in the free and reduced lunch program on a yearly basis. Financially, the school is supported through the general fund, LCAP and Title I monies.

Most classrooms are equipped with Promethean Boards, desktop computers or Chromebooks, and they all are outfitted with digital projection systems, and district adopted textbooks and materials. This past year, the teachers received new laptops. One of the school’s computer labs has 28 desktop computers and the other lab has 35 Chromebooks.The school also has 80 Chromebooks that are housed in two portable carts. The curriculum addresses the California Common Core Standards and Essential Standards identified by the school and district. The school is able to provide curriculum that allows a student to meet the state and district graduation requirements for a high school diploma.

There are CAHSEE intervention courses in English Language Arts and Mathematics for students who have not passed the exam. Lincoln uses multiple forms of assessment data including: California State Test Early Assessment Program (EAP) in English Language Arts, CAHSEE, and California English Language Development Test (CELDT), which includes reading and math formative and summative classroom assessments to determine student learning levels and school effectiveness. Lincoln is also committed to using differentiated instruction and the staff is trained in Illuminate, to create assessments and to monitor student progress.

Lincoln supports Special Education students whose services are provided through a fully credentialed teacher and a full-time special education aide. Student Individualized Education Programs (IEP) are reviewed annually and tri-annually as required by law and a transitional IEP is held within 30 days of of attendance. During 2014-2015, Read 180 was implemented to better serve the AEL population and other students needing support with Reading. Special Education students, as well as, all Lincoln students are supported with multiple counseling avenues including our district psychologist, school counselor, referrals to the district’s Family Resource Center weekly group and individual counseling sessions provided by a Safe House therapist, and the Riverside Rape Crisis Center. The Early Impact Program provides childcare for Lincoln’s teen parents; RCOE and RUSD co-fund this resource at Lincoln High School.

The ASVAB assessment is available for students who are interested in the military. Lincoln’s career guidance assistant provides Career and Technical Education support for Lincoln’s students. Lincoln offer students the opportunity to participate in the Inland Empire Alternative School League to specifically address students’ connections to school and positive activities.

Many students arrive to Lincoln representative of the Achievement Gap in the nation. This is addressed with differentiated instruction, Common Core curriculum, remedial/intervention classes and Gradpoint (online credit recovery program).

The majority of students referred to Lincoln are credit deficient and their academic programs are designed for credit acquisition, with the goal of graduating and becoming college and/or career ready. Both 10th and 11th grade students are placed in grade level courses in order to enhance the rigor of their academic experience and thereby close the achievement gap.