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Overview of Foreign Language Department

The Foreign Language department offers the opportunity for all students to pursue the study of French or Spanish.  This is a vibrant program that includes not only vocabulary and grammar, but culture, music, art and history.  It is a demanding and fast paced approach to the study of a language incorporating hands on activities, oral communication, and integrated reading.


As a department we offer all levels of Spanish: Spanish I, II, III Honors, IV AP Language and V AP Spanish Literature.  We also offer French I, II and III Honors.  For students who already have a background in Spanish we offer Spanish for Native Speakers I & II.

Teachers in Foreign Language

Mr. John Peek - Spanish I and II
Mr. Herman Kieffer - Spanish I and II and Native II
Mrs. Patricia Martin - Spanish I and II
Mrs. Guadalupe Moreno - Native II and AP Spanish Language
Ms. Ivette Barajas - Native I and AP Spanish Literature and Culture
*Mrs. Rocio Quijada  - Spanish II and Spanish III Honors
Mrs. Marie Sanner - Fench I, II and III Honors
*Department Chair