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Overview of Department

The Math department supports the student body in its endeavors to calculate and interpret quantities and patterns in our world.  The program practices both concrete and abstract analysis, providing its students with strong foundations necessary for a world rich in both data and technology.  The collaborative faculty has high expectations for its students, and offers multiple opportunities for support to achieve these standards.


Courses Taught in Department by Grade Level

As a department we offer a broad range of courses.  Beginning with the foundational courses students will be enrolled in Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II.  Upperclassmen are eligible to take courses that prepare students for their college and/or career after high school including Personal Finance, Pre-Calculus, AP Statistics, AP Calculus AB & BC.

Teachers in Department


Mrs. Medina Pina - Department Chair
Mrs. Patricia Burdeaux
Ms. Michelle Cooper
Ms. Jessica Hauser 
Mr. Eric Herman
Mr. Paul Lee 
Ms. Nicole Matthews
Ms. Shana Newcomb
Ms. Jessica Paxton
Mr. William Probst
Mrs. Cassandra Rollins
Ms. Christina Schippel
Ms. Karla Virgil