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Dress Code is Important  Chemawa Dress Code Explanation
 Chemawa is a teaching and learning institution.  Students are expected to wear clothing whichis appropriate for school and school sponsored activities.  This means that clothing shall be safe, decent,distraction free, free of any intimidation factor, and free of advertising of items that students are forbidden to buy or have in their possession.      (Definitions of those terms are listed below.)


·      Decent means that the body shall be covered from the arm pit to mid-thigh. Strapless or spaghetti strap tops and low plunging necklines or midriff baring tops are not permitted.  Underwear is to be covered by outerwear.  All pants should fit on or above the hip bone without being belted or otherwise altered.  If the pants begin to slide when the belt is removed, they are too big. Tops are considered too short if the skin shows as the student sits,walks, or engages in usual activities. Clothing shall also be free of pictures or slogans with sexual references.

·      Distraction Free means clothing may not divert the attention of students away from lessons and studies.  This might include clothing which is dirty or ragged, transparent, or is decorated with bells, or has slogans or pictures deemed by staff members as offensive to others.

·      Free of any intimidation factor means that clothing associated with membership in gangs is not permitted.  Specifically, no hair nets, head rags, bandanas,or clothing with gang logos.  Names or nicknames embroidered, sprayed or printed on clothing or hats are not acceptable.  Sagging/ baggy pants and hanging web belts or chains, socks touching shorts, and gloves on warm/hot daysare also considered to be gang attire and, as such, are not permitted.

·       Free of advertising means that students shall not wear clothing which has advertising for any item which is illegal for a student to buy or possess.  This includes alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana leaves, spray paint cans, guns and drug paraphernalia.

·      Safe means that students should not wear clothing that they could hurt themselves or others.

If a student violates the dress code, the parent will be called and the student will be sent home or asked to change his/her clothing at the school into a loaner or P.E. shirt. The dress code will be strictly enforced.