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Chemawa Rules
                                                Chemawa Campus Rules
  • Chemawa is a closed campus; all students are expected to remain for the school day.


  • Food and drinks are allowed only at breakfast and lunch in the cafeteria or quad area.  Food or drinks are not allowed in restrooms.


  • Chemawa students are expected to dress in a manner that is clean, neat, safe and appropriate for school .  Refer to Dress Code.


  • PE Lockers are the property of RUSD and, as such, may be subject to search.


  • Skateboards, and electonics (other than cell phones) are not allowed because they are distractions to learning.


  • Gambling is not allowed on campus. 


  • Gum is not allowed on campus.


  • Students riding bikes or skooters to school must follow all state laws and school rules, including wearing a helmet.


  • All absences must be explained by a prompt phone call or a note from the parents.  A request may be made for a medical note for absences exceeding 10 days per year.


  • All medication must be checked in through the Health Office with the district medication forms filled out by the student's physician.  This is a RUSD policy.


  • Chemawa students are expected to be kind and respectful of others.  any type of harassment, including racial, sexual, in cyberspace (Facebook, Twitter etc) is unacceptable.