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Campus Rules:

•Weapons of any kind are prohibited and severe consequences for use or possession will result. Everyday items used as weapons or to cause harm will result in consequences.

•Gage is a closed campus. All students are expected to remain for the entire school day.

•Gum is not allowed on the campus. All food and drinks are allowed only at breakfast, lunch, or after school - not in class.

•Violation of the Dress Code may be subject to disciplinary action.

•PE lockers are property of the district, and as such locker use is a privilege.

•I-Pods, MP-3’s, PSP’s, Gaming Systems, or any other electronic devices are not allowed on campus.  

•Gambling, selling, buying, or trading anything at school is strictly forbidden. This includes cards, toys, games, and food items.

•Students who ride bikes to school must follow all rules concerning their use.

•All medication must be checked in through the Health Office according to district policy.

•Students should keep their hands off other students at all times, including horse-playing and/or play-fighting.

•Verbal and physical harassment is strictly prohibited. Harassment includes teasing, intimidation, name-calling, vulgarity, profanity, pushing, slapping, or facing off.

•Sexual Harassment in any form will not be tolerated. Sexual Harassment is any unwelcome verbal or physical advances of a sexual nature. “Pantsing” is a form of sexual harassment and will be disciplined accordingly. Please refer to the District’s Sexual Harassment Policy.

•Students who choose to decorate their backpacks must refrain from using profanity, offensive symbols, suggestive sayings or drawings, or any other objectionable depictions. 

•Involvement in gang activity is strictly prohibited. Behaviors such as intimidation, drugs, graffiti, use of gang names, monikers, symbols or signs will be deemed gang-related.

•Acts, articles of attire, or the displays of symbols, emblems, or signs depicting hate violence or related to hate groups are prohibited. Hate violence is an act that interferes with the exercise of an individual’s civil rights, defacing or damaging personal property, or actions against persons because of the victim’s gender, race, religion, nationality, or ethnicity.

•All students must adhere to the state guidelines for proper behavior as stated in Education Code 48900