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School Wide Blended Learning Classes:
University Heights Middle School offers a school wide program utilizing their chrome books, which provides students with the opportunity to expand their knowledge independently by completing lessons and activities that offer novelty, variety, and enrichment to accelerate their learning. We welcome students to this exciting new adventure and look forward to working with them. Students will need to be committed to their classes in order to succeed; success means charging their books every night, bringing their chrome books daily, and participating in lessons and discussions. Please note, while in class a teachers will be monitoring student progress and available for individual or group assistance.
Students at University Heights Middle School take six classes. The classes include Language Arts, Mathematics, History, Science, Physical Education and an elective for those qualifying students. For their elective class students may choose from AVID, Band, Choir, Art, Spanish, Chinese, Literature and Film, and Math Through Origami. There are many special programs that meet the needs of all students.
 Click on the link to view other programs! Gifted and Talented Program Pre-AP Spanish (7th Grade) AP Spanish (8th Grade)
Special Education AVID Read 180 Academic English Learners