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Homework Policy


Homework, an extension of learning, provides for practice of skills and application of principles based upon work begun in the classroom. It enriches school experiences and promotes a permanent interest in learning. Because homework also serves to stimulate individual initiative, personal responsibility and self-direction. Teachers at Uni are committed to providing all students this extended learning opportunity.

Uni Teachers are committed to:
  • monitor the effectiveness of homework as reflected in student performance
    assigning homework that is meaningful, standards-based and connected to the learning objective
  • provide appropriate and timely response to all homework assignments provide a balance between long- range and short- term assignments
  • give assignments over weekends which are no longer than a daily assignment
  • not assign homework during vacation periods and on legal and religious holidays monitor long- term assignments in order to avoid last minute student efforts
  • give clear, concise directions; allow time for student questions; consider availability of materials
  • inform parents of their role in supervising homework
  • ensure that students who are absent know how they may make-up homework
  • check daily