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At University Heights all students, parents and staff agree to sign a school compact to show their commitment to the school program.

                                                           Parent-Home Compact  

PARENTS agree to:
1. Actively monitor homework and provide a quiet place and time for students to work.
2. Support the school’s and district’s homework, discipline, tardy, and attendance policies.
3. Respect diversity within the school community and cooperate with school personnel.
4. Participate in school activities including parent meetings, School Site Council, PTSA, ELAC, parent education programs,   
    parent/teacher conferences, Back to School Night, Open House and all other related programs that show support for    
5. Teach and model appropriate traffic safety rules to provide a safe environment for all.
6. Keep children healthy by providing adequate sleep, proper nutrition and hygiene.
7. Monitor free time activities such as television, music, internet, telephone, and friends.
8. Return notes and letters to the teacher or the school the next day as required of student.
9. Ensure that students are dressed according to school dress code (see dress code in student planner).
10. Supply school with accurate and up-to-date phone numbers, address, and reasons for absences, etc.