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Mailroom / Stockroom / Warehouse

Luis F. Moya, Supervisor

(951) 778-5460 Ext. 84211


The RUSD mailroom is a busy “Mini Post Office” that processes an incredible amount of mail per week! They deliver, pick up and apply postage to thousands of pieces, and once everything has been processed, they deliver it to the U.S. Postal Service. In addition to U.S. Postal Service Mail, they also coordinate mailing and delivery of packages from Fed Ex, and UPS. Our 5 Stockroom / Mailroom Delivery Drivers not only pick up and deliver your mail, they also deliver stock items and educational materials that are ordered through the stockroom.They don't stop there! Once mail routes are complete these drivers return to the many District sites to deliver pallets of merchandise and to pick up e-waste that must be discarded from sites.

 Feel free to contact Tina Olvera, Mailroom Lead Clerk with your mailing needs questions. (951) 778-5640, ext.84213


The RUSD stockroom carries many supplies and  textbooks that can be ordered through Digital Store Front.

For questions regarding a stock order or e-waste pick up please contact DeAnna Pachas, Inventory Control Specialist, (951) 788-7496, ext. 84210


The RUSD warehouse stores textbooks and other educations material, as well as District stock items. They not only store these items they are also the District's Central Receiving Facility. All items delivered to the District are received by the District Receiver. He checks in thousands of items and ensures they are sent out to the various sites via our Mailroom/Stockroom Delivery Drivers.

For questions regarding an order other than stock items, contact David Delgado, District Receiving Clerk (951) 778-5640 ext. 84212.