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Riverside Unified School District offers a choice between three different dental plans - Delta Dental Premier (PPO), Preferred Advantage (In-Network Plan), and MetLife/Safeguard (DHMO).  It is recommended that you review the Dental Plan Comparison when making your decision on which plan works for you and your family.
Please visit Benefits Costs Sheets for cost information


DELTA DENTAL PREMIER (PPO) - Nationwide Coverage

The Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier plan is a traditional "non-referral" based dental plan that allows members the freedom to choose any recognized dentist in or out-of-network.  Some features of this dual-network PPO plan are:
  • Freedom to choose any licensed dentist
  • Dual Network access including Delta Dental Premier, the nation's largest dental PPO networks
  • Greatest potential savings when you visit a Delta Dental PPO dentist
Dental cards are not provided once a member enrolls.   For more information: Where is my ID Card?
NOTE:  Ortho coverage is NOT included in the Delta Dental PPO Plan.  However, you may choose to add the Optional Orthodontic plan offered by MetLife/Safeguard that can be enrolled in if you choose the Delta Dental plan or if you just want orthodontic coverage.  Please note, if you add this rider to your Delta Dental Plan, you must be referred by an HMO Metlife Safeguard Provider.  For more information, please contact Metlife SafeGuard at (800) 880-1800 and view Metlife Safeguard Ortho Coverage Info 
Contact Delta Dental for questions regarding explanation of benefits and coverage information at (866) 499-3001 or visit:  www.deltadentalins.com 
You may also review Delta Dental Benefit Highlights 


Preferred Advantage "In-Network" Plan is administered by Delta Health Systems and specifically designed for RUSD employees and their families.  This plan provides dental care services through Riverside Dental Group & Dental Associate Offices throughout the County of Riverside including and LIMITED to:

  1. Riverside Dental Group - Magnolia
  2. Riverside Dental Group - Central
  3. Riverside Dental Group at Woodcrest
  4. Dental Associates of Corona
  5. Dental Associates of Moreno Valley
  6. Oasis Family Dental - Temecula
This is an "IN-NETWORK ONLY PLAN", and enrolled members MUST use one of the dental providers listed above.   You are not required to pre-select a dentist at enrollment.
NOTE:  Orthodontic coverage is included in the Preferred Advantage for $129 down payment; $129 per month for 24 months.  Lab fees are not included.  

For an explanation of benefits and questions regarding coverage, please contact Preferred Advantage at (866) 268-2480 or view the following documents: 

METLIFE (SAFEGUARD) DHMO DENTAL PLAN & Ortho Coverage - Available in California ONLY

This Dental HMO plan under the Nexus 85 CA network, provides services coordinated through a designated primary care dental group chosen from a list of contracted dental offices.  This program is designed to encourage regular dental visits to maintain dental health and insure you are receiving regular preventative dental care.  
There is no deductible with SafeGuard, however, some procedures require a co-pay that you will need to pay. For more information regarding plan benefits and coverage questions, please contact Metlife SafeGuard at (800) 880-1800 or view the following documents:
*Orthodontic coverage is included in the Preferred Advantage and the MetLife Safeguard plans, however there is a stand-alone Orthodontic plan offered by MetLife/Safeguard that can be enrolled in if you choose the Delta Dental plan or if you just want orthodontic coverage.  Orthodontia Coverage - MetLife 


For more detailed information regarding health and wellness plans available, please view our online Employee Benefits Guide