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enVision Math Website

To log on to the website for the enVision math textbook, please follow these instructions:

1. Go to the PearsonSuccessNet website at:


2. Type in your username and password (same as your AR login information)

3. If you see the crayons across the top, YOU MADE IT!

To watch the Learning Bridge videos:

1. Click on the black bar that reads Premium

2. In the top right toolbar, click on the magnifying glass to the left of the word Explore

3. Click on the Topic and Lesson that you would like to explore

4. Navigate through the video just as your teacher does in class

5. To go back to the Premium area, click the gray bar in the upper right hand corner that

reads “Click here to go back”

To access the Glossary or Tools4Math:

1. After you log in, click the Premium bar

2. Click on either the A-Z circle (Glossary) or 4 block circle (Tools4Math) in the top right


3. Have fun exploring!

To access the textbook from the homepage:

1. After you log in to the website, click on Mathematics Online Student Edition (under the

Premium bar)

2. Click on “Click here to open your book”

3. Click on the Topic you would like to explore

4. To close the Contents pull down bar, click on the arrow next to the “Contents” tab at the


5. After you click a Topic and Lesson, use the top right toolbar to change pages (click the

arrows before and after the page number), zoom in and out, switch to a 2-page screen, or


6. TO PRINT THE HOMEWORK (PRACTICE SIDE ONLY), click on the yellow box with the

paper in the middle (if it doesn’t open, you may have to hold Control on the keyboard while

clicking on the yellow box)

7. Have fun!

Language Arts Website

To log on to the website for your Houghton Mifflin Language Arts textbook, please follow

these instructions:

1. Type in the following website:


2. If you click on the blue Educators tab, you will find the spelling lists by selection title

3. If you click on the yellow Students tab, you will find student help and games:

a. Select California

b. Choose Reading Language/Language Arts

c. Then, select either Houghton Mifflin Reading or English

4. If you click on the green families tab, you will find homework help and activities