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The following items are always welcome in Kinder classrooms!

For your child:
- a basic backpack 

- crayons (normal size)

- Ticonderoga pencils (fat kind preferred)

- glue sticks

crayons pencils
For the classroom: 
- colored construction paper 
- wet wipes and Kleenex 

- craft items: craft sticks, gems, glitter, pipe cleaners, white liquid glue

- white paper plates

- paper lunch bags

- erasers

- small non-food items for treasure box prizes: stickers, pencils, crayons, bouncy balls, mini erasers, bracelets   

  (party favor type items) 

- colored/black ink cartridges (check with individual teachers for printer types)
- scrapbook paper
- photo paper
- foam shapes and stickers
- yarn
-glitter-gold, silver, red, blue
-file folders