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Accessing the Google Drive:

  1. Type in web URL: Rusdlink.org/liberty
  2. Once you are on the Liberty Elementary Home Page find the Haiku Learning icon that is located on the Quick Links section (Right side of the Homepage).
  3.  Once you have clicked onto the Haiku Learning link icon, a separate webpage will open up.
  4.    On the Rusdlearns.net page, click on the GoogleApps sign in located on the right side of the page.
  5.   Enter your Username and Password. (For the Username Student username is now first name + last name +last three of student ID. Password is Welcome1 (Capital W, lower case elcome1.)
  6.   Once you are logged into your Haiku Learning Portal, you will see on the bottom of the screen on the bottom left toolbar (Go, People, Classes, Google Apps) and click the Google Apps icon.
  7.  After clicking the Google Apps icon, this will lead you to a new window that takes you to Your Google Drive account.