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  As you are planning field trips, this is the page to come to in order to download all the documents you need.  Click on each of the following links to get to the document you desire.  The last link is a full packet of the forms that will allow you to print them as a PDF document.
This is an information sheet about single and multiple day field trips.  This sheet has important information as you plan your experience.
This form is used to check and reserve the day you are requesting in the district.  This form should be turned into Estella Rivas, who will return it to your box showing if the day is available or not for the field trip. 
Please place this cover sheet on the front of your field trip packet when you turn it into Janell Estrada.  Requests must be made three weeks prior to the date of the trip to allow for busing arrangements and purchase requisitions.   
This is the conference attendance / substitute request form that you need to fill out.  You will need to submit two copies but the second copy can be a photo-copy.   
This is the field trip request form that allows the front office to schedule your trip and reserve your transportation.   
You must provide funding information before the field trip will be approved.  Please complete the purchase requisition with the appropriate account numbers.   
This must be filled out if you are making changes to your field trip after it has already been approved.  This allows the process to restart and for us to take the old trip off the calendar and cancel the bus.