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Ramona Plays the World’s Largest Monopoly Board Game

Ramona's Monopoly Board 1 The Ramona High School Dynasty Band and Color Guard were certified today by Guinness World Records as having the Largest Monopoly Board Game ever. The certification is not for the amount of people, but rather, the size of the board. The game was played on January 22, 2016, gargantuan dice and all, and the results were immediately sent off to Guinness for certification. 


Ramona’s Monopoly game board was massive: an 8,017.69 square foot feat of design and craftsmanship. The only place on campus large enough to construct the board was the football field. In fact, that is how the whole idea came about.Ramona's Monopoly Board 3


“When we constructed the board game, we had no idea that it would become a world record,” explained Ramona Band Director Brian Gallagher. “We just needed to occupy the appropriate space of the football field for the event. Fast forward 6 months later, and we now have an official Guinness World Record to call our own!”


The board was built as part of Ramona’s 2015 field show production “RAMONOPOLY”, playing tribute to the 80th anniversary of the classic board game. When Gallagher, on a whim, looked to see what the previous record was, he realized their board would be larger. So, he contacted Guinness to learn how to certify the record and even enlisted Riverside’s Mayor Rusty Bailey to take part as a witness to verify the result. As it turned out, the previous record for Largest Monopoly Game was set in September 2015 in Warsaw by Hasbro Poland and measured in at 4,365.94 square feet – just a bit more than half the size of Ramona’s.   


According to Gallagher, it took three months to prepare for the “RAMONOPOLY” event, and the band and color guard used volunteers and resources from the Booster Club, students and the community to pull it all off. 
Ramona's Monopoly Board 2