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We are a team here at John Adams!

Here at John Adams, we encourage our parents and guardians to get involved in support of our students' success and well-being.  We are always in need of volunteers for various activities throughout the year, and we have a very active PTA that works tirelessly for our students and staff.  You are welcome to attend monthly School Site Council meetings, English Learners Advisory Committee (E.L.A.C.) meetings, PTA  meetings, and PTA Family Night functions that are held throughout the year.  
We also have Dragon Assemblies each month to acknowledge outstanding student academic achievement and well being with a focus on our Core Virtues.  
Our teachers are available for conferences should you have a question or concern about your child/ren's educational needs.  Each teacher has a voicemail box, and can be reached by email.
Thank you, and we look forward to actively working with you.